Holiday Inn

To get to hotel from airport if deviating, take S8 from airport to Rosenheimerplatz. Exit the S-bahn station and follow the signs toward the Holiday Inn. You will be inside the whole time.

Crowne Plaza Ground Transportation

The hotel shuttle will pick you up/drop you off. There is only one shuttle, but two FedEx jets that arrive and depart at the same time (Indy 757, MEM A300). If you’re first to arrive, it’s not a bad idea to see how far out the other jet is before you get in the shuttle and head to the hotel. On the way back to the airport at night the shuttle will only make one trip for both crews. It leaves at 10pm. For the Airbus crew that’s about 15 minutes later than what is scheduled on the pairing.

Ground Transportation (Hilton)

Hotel Shuttle driver cell phone number is: 802-999-3518. As you block in to normal parking spot, the security gate in front of you is where the shuttle will be to pick you up. In inclement weather, I prefer to wait inside jet until I see the shuttle outside gate. If you’re wondering where the shuttle is, don’t bother calling the hotel, call the shuttle driver directly.

When departing at night, an employee must meet you at the same gate to let you in. The number is posted on the gate: 802-860-2941. Call en route to avoid a wait.

Ground Transportation

Grand Hyatt
Deviating In: Go out exit 11. Ticket booth is on your left. Tell them you’re going to the Grand Hyatt. 16,000 Won. Nice bus. Stops at a few other hotels first. GH is the stop just after the Hilton. Took about 1+15, but taxi/limo would be in the same traffic. Bus is no. 7602 at gate 11a. Biggest negative is it only leaves about every 30 mins.

Ground Transportation

Subway, etc.

Easiest way into Manhattan is to take the JFK light rail from the terminal to Jamaica Station. From Jamaica Station, transfer to either the Long Island Rail Road (LIRR), or the subway (there is only one line). LIRR will take you to Penn Station, midtown on the East side at 34th St. and is planned in the near future to go to Grand Central Station on 42nd St.

Subway will allow you to transfer to all the other subway lines, so the destinations are all over NYC. Time is about an hour for the whole trip.

LIRR is more expensive than the subway, but more comfortable and faster.

If you get lost or need help don’t be afraid to ask. NYers are friendlier than they seem

Airport Express Train

Leaves airport every 10 minutes or so. Second stop is Kaloon- the one you want for our hotels. Exit train and take elevator up to second floor to free “K” buses to hotel. Train costs $12 USD (Visa okay) and ticket can be purchased before or after train ride from airport. Reverse course works as well if needed

Octopus Public Transit Card

Cheapest way to use all transportation services in HKG found. Card cost 150 HKG dollars but that’s cheaper than buy the per stop or trip fares on the metro and ferries. Go to any information booth in the subway system to purchase.

Ground Transportation

Ground transportation from airport to FedEx ramp:

You need to meet the FedEx “A” bus at the “A” terminal; look for all the buses on the side of the building. It runs every 15 minutes or so.

The same goes when leaving the FedEx ramp for the terminal. Meet the “A” bus and take it to the “A” terminal. There is a tram that will get you to the “B” and “C” terminals.


Might be an option with air travel a hassle. Check availability on They drop off one block from the hotel at 4th and Race.