Grand Hyatt Incheon (Airport not Downtown)

***This gouge is for the Grand Hyatt Incheon Airport hotel, not the Grand Hyatt Seoul where we usually stay.

The hotel is pretty nice overall. The rooms are clean, quiet and fairly modern. However, the hotel is pretty isolated compared to most of our other layover hotels. But that doesn’t mean that there isn’t ***anything*** around it, you just need to explore a bit. It’s definitely not anything like Itaewon though.

There is a grocery store in the building next to the hotel. To find it, go out the front door and turn right, then turn right again just before the elevated train tracks. Walk to the end of the hotel building and you will see a sign for “eMart” just ahead. (You can also walk through the “8” restaurant in the hotel, and exit through the back door.) The eMart store is on the lower level of what appears to be an abandoned shopping mall. Enter the building through the glass doors. All the stores are abandoned on the ground floor, but turn to your right and go down the escalators to find the grocery store in the basement. It’s surprisingly modern and well stocked.

If you’d rather eat at a restaurant, then just keep walking past the eMart for a block or two. There are quite a few traditional Korean restaurants, several Chinese ones, one Indian, and a Thai place. There are also a few coffee shops. I didn’t find a Starbucks, but there was a “Starback”. There are also a few bars that looked reasonably descent. There’s a bar called “Russian KGB Bar” just outside the Best Western. I was intrigued, but I didn’t go in. Some of the restaurants had “24 hour” signs on them, but I can’t verify that’s true.

Overall, this hotel is adequate for short layovers. I wouldn’t want to spend a long time there, but it beats the 1 1/2 hour ride to Itaewon if you’re not planning for a late night on the town.

One last thing… it shows up on the VIPS pairing as KAL Hotel Network instead of Grand Hyatt Incheon.