Coin Laundry – Marriott Shin Osaka

If you need to do some laundry in Osaka, but don’t want to pay an arm and a leg for the hotel to do it for you, there is a coin laundromat about 15 minutes walk. The hotel concierge has a direction sheet with a map and photos, but its in Kanji, so I think I can improve on it a bit.

The laundromat has 3 washers and about 6 dryers. Each washer is a different size, and price. I used the small one for 12 kg load, and it was 600 yen. The dryers are 100 yen for each 9 minutes. 300 yen did the trick. There is an attendant, but I didn’t see a change machine, so I’d bring some yen coins from the hotel–the washer takes 500’s, and 100’s, but the dryer only takes 100’s.

To get there, go out the front door of the hotel lobby. Look straight ahead. You can’t see the road below, but the gap between the buildings is where the road is that you’re going to follow. You’ll need to take the elevated sidewalk across the busy road in front of you to get there. Turn right, and follow the sidewalk until in turns left over the road, and under the train tracks. Keep following it around to the left after you cross under the tracks, then take the stairs down to the sidewalk. Go straight for about 10ish minutes. After a couple of blocks you should see a Subway sandwich shop on the other side of the road–keep going, you’re on the right track. When you’re getting close you should see a tall sign on the other side of the road for Royal Host. As you get close to that intersection, you can see the big sign for the Aeon MaxValue grocery store. Go up to, but don’t cross the street that runs by the store. Turn right a the corner. Go about 50 yards or so until you are just about abeam the end of the MaxValue across the street on your left. Look for the parking sign with a winking turtle on it–kinda looks a bit like Yoda. Turn right at the corner, and the shop should be on your right.