Pullman Airport Hotel

Great free breakfast, small coffees better , fresh made vs big cup

Use the free 50Yuan metro card (from front desk) and get away from this boring hotel — go shopping, touring, restaurants in town….only 4-6 per ride…I used 3 days so far and still have 25yuan left with 2 days left on my layover

Gym, crappy, small, very few items, 3 tread, 1 arc trainer (ellip),1 bike, universal machine, rack of hand weights…did not get out and run due to injury…so someone else has to provide running routes

Nice pool, sauna & steam room, I think. ATM machine near front desk – China Construction – no ATM fee if you have BoA account

Executive lounge – nothing like China Hotel, this is mediocre, few finger foods, best to go into town or airport, I think beer and liquor free?? During happy hour 5:30-7:30pm..I won’t know until I check out.

Typical pilot stuff – Room beers are 35 -40yuan, so replace with airport bought beers / soda from town (5-10yuan) or airport (10-15yuan)