Songtan near Osan AFB

Well, I finally made the journey to Songtan to see the old shopping/bar street from back in 1993. I was surprised to see Mr. Ohs tailor shop is still there. Tiger Embroidery changed it’s name but they still have all the cool patches. I was there in the day time on a weekday so not much happening. But it was a good experience. I learned a few valuable lessons. To get there it is best to take the bus from Nambu Bus station in Seoul directly to Songtan bus station. You can take the metro or a cab to Nambu Bus station. Go inside the bus station and there are several walk up windows. Tell the lady you want a bus ticket to Songtan. It cost about 3850 won. Yes, that’s only about $3.50 US. It’s pretty cheap and you’ll be able to sit in a seat the whole time. I made the mistake of taking the subway on the way down. The only benefit was it was cheaper. (2350 won) However, it made many stops and you have to make 2 transfers. Total time on the subway was 2 hours. Coming back on the bus was 45 mins. Once you are in Songtan, jump in a cab and tell them to take you to Osan Main Gate. All the bars and restaurants are directly outside the gate. The cab only cost 3000 won. That’s about $2.50 US. You can walk it if it’s not too hot. About 15 min walk. But if it’s your first time you won’t know where to go so just take the cab. They say that the best time is on a Friday or Saturday night. You’ll either need to take the last bus back to Seoul around 10:30pm or the morning bus at 6:30am. Still lots of food, bars, and lots of shopping. (Clothes, gifts, guitars, shoes, blankets, leather goods and more) Hope this helps. Have a good time.