The Toast Lady – Cafe Y

As advertised… Big American breakfast with Texas Toast. Most direct directions are listed below. Exiting station is difficult. Best I can offer is below. On map, exit is NNW corner of station.

Midosuji (red) Line-Namba Station (M20) to Umeda Station (M16). Four stops. Currently 240 yen, each way.

Ascend to street level and, within the mall, find the Umeda Train Station.
While facing the steps up to the train station, a sign for McDonalds should be on your left.
Turn right to put McDonalds behind you and exit to the street.
Immediately to your right and parallel should be an elevated train track. Looking over the track and across the street, you should see TOHO Movie Theatre and a ferris wheel.
(You will follow the track virtually all the way to Cafe Y.)
Keeping the track on your right, follow it, crossing the first road.
Then come to next major road. To your right should be the corner of the EST Building. Cross and continue, keeping the track on your right.

Position check-

Shortly after you enter this side street, you should see Chelsea Market under the track. Continue.

First street crossing-

Forming the corner under the track, you should find a small brownstone mexican cantina. Continue.

Second street crossing-

On your left should be a red walled restaurant named “Mine”. Continue.
The street should fork. Keeping to the track, you should shortly come to a major road. Cross and turn right, to face the track.
Looking under and beyond the track, you should see a Suzuki garage. Cafe Y is just next door (to the garage).


Current price is 800 yen (roughly $8). Dress coolly. It is small and, with the cooking, it is hot.