Places of Interest

Here are some places of interest in Guangzhou you might want check out:


Cabs are cheap. But I recommend buying a Tong Card. It’s like the Octopus card. It will cost you 70rmb minimum. You’ll receive 50 rmb credit and the charged 20 rmb for the card. Most trips are about 3-4 rmb. You can purchase the card at any subway customer service booth. However to recharge go to the 7-11s in the subway station. Also, iPhone users download the app All Subways for 99 cents. It has all the subway maps in the world.



1. Baiyun Leather Market, go out side door of hotel cross the street turn right and then left and walk for about 15-20 mins. You’ll pass a park on your right side and go through a major overpass intersection. Keep walking until you see the pedestrian bridge that crosses the street you are walking on and cross over to the right. You’ll be obviously in the leather district by then. Leather goods, bags, purses, scarves, some jewelry.


2. Watch Market. Near the leather market. If you are facing the Guangzhou Train station(big Clock) turn left and walk to the nearest street you can turn right on. Look up the street and you’ll see a tall building that says watch/clock on it. There about 4 buildings, multiple floors full of watches. However, if you want to buy a Rolex copy and others you need to ask any of the vendors. Be prepared to be taken either upstairs or the next building over through an alley. The average prices is about 650 yuan for a good watch. Stick to this price no matter what they offer in the beginning. You should have no problem.


3. HighSun Plaza. Take #2 Blue line to Haizu Square then transfer to the #6 Purple line to Donhu. Get off and walk out exit B2. You’ll immediately see electronics. Walk in the first building you see. You should head in a direction through the first building you see. Keep walking through until you see a covered street. Walk though the very next building. It’s a long hallway of electronics. Exit that long hallway building and walk directly across the street and you’ll see a small open square and another 3 story building with more electronics. Bottom line is you’ll see everything from lasers, iPhone accessories, flashlights and much more. Even Musical instruments like guitars and Ukuleles. Remember where the metro is located. You’ll need to go back there eventually.


4. One Link International Plaza. Go back to the #6 purple line and retrace your path 3 stops back to Haizu Square. Get off and exit B2. When you go out of the exit walk straight. You’ll see McDonalds, clothes stores then flower shops and after crossing a big intersection you’ll see a tall building on the right corner labeled One Link Intl Plaza. It’s 8 floors of everything China sells. Anyone could spend easily 3 hours in this building. Items grow in size as you go up. Tip: If you go from the China Hotel it’s the #2 Blue line 3 stops to Haizu Square.



1. Safari Park/Crocodile Park/Circus. Pet baby tigers, feed giraffes, rhinos, big tigers. You even get to ride in a small open air train through a wild animal safari. Crocodile park has more crocs then you’ll ever see. Feed Hippos and pet strange animals. I have not been to the circus yet.


2. Pearl River Cruise. Best taken at night. You can ride for as little as 40 rmb. But if you want dinner it’s a little over 100 rmb.


3. Famous Nanyue King Tomb. It’s right around the corner from the China Hotel. Go out door turn right past the starbucks. Take the first right at the corner and walk for about 5 mins. You’ll see the tomb. (See link for pics) The cost is very cheap. It’s one of the most famous discoveries in China. You will get to enter the actual tomb.


4. Chen Clan Academy. Take #2 blue line to Gongyuanquian the transfer to #1 yellow line to Chen Clan Academy. Small nominal fee to tour this famous residence of one of the wealthiest families that ever lived in Guangzhou. Inside are lots of cultural artifacts. Sometimes there are performers there.


5. Guangdong Provincial Museum. Tip: buy the special exhibit ticket and you won’t have to wait in a long line to enter. The exhibit was only like $2.50. This is a history museum. It’s very nice. See link for directions.



Most cheap pilots skip dinner and eat the free food at the happy hour. Every now and then the happy hour food is ok but I need better quality.


1. 1920 Restaurant. Take #2 blue line 3 stops to Haizu Square. Walk out B2 like going to One link Plaza. Except after walking up the stairs look left across the street and you’ll see a big construction fence. Head towards that fence and follow it to the river. (1 block) Turn right and you see the restaurant right on the corner. It’s German Food. Pretty good and a nice view of the river.


2. Most of the restaurants I’ve liked are a bit far away. Like Chanshou Lu Mall on the Changshoulu stop on the #1 yellow line. Upstairs are several restaurants. My favorite is a all you can eat and drink Japanese restaurant for less than $20us. But there are many others. Careful, not much english spoken there. There are pictures you can point to for ordering.