Beer Belly

If you like Craft Beer there is a place called Beer Belly that carries beer from the local Minoh Brewery and a few other guest beers. There are nine taps total, three of which are cask ales. The beers are superb and the menu is excellent, recommend the Chicken with Hop Salt. The menus are in English. Hours of operation are M-Sat 1700-0000, closed Sunday. You will usually find a good mix of ex-pats and locals. The proprietor’s name is Yasu (pronounced Yas).


Beer Belly is located a couple train stops north of the Swisshotel and Namba station. If you search Google Maps, Beer Belly Osaka will show where it is. From the north side of the Namba station, take the stairs below street level heading north. Follow the signs for the Yotsubashi subway line (Blue). The signs will take you initially north and then a left turn, west through an underground shopping area. Total walk underground is approximately ¼ mile. Purchase a subway ticket for 200 yen and take the subway north three stops to Higobashi. Exit the station via the #3 exit. At the top of the stairs turn right to get to the back side of the building with the coffee shop and then left down the street behind the back of the APA hotel. Beer Belly is located on the right prior to the second intersection (two to three minute walk). The sign outside is a large mug of beer with some wooden barrels out front. The final train back to the Swisshotel is at midnight.

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