Hilton Narita

Nice hotel.  Lots of crews stay there.  They have a crew lounge on the basement floor.  You can purchase big beers and hot food from a vending machine.  Plus there are computers with internet access if you need it.  The gym is pretty good.  Lots of treadmills, plus an indoor running track.  I do cardio and there is a lot of room for that.  They have an indoor pool.  But beware the Japanese are very serious about showering before entering.  The hotel store has a pretty good selection of goodies.  I often buy the big yogurts and sushi there.  They also have noodles you can poor hot water over.  But if you are hungry the best deal is the lunch.  We get 50% off the lunch. Last I checked the lunch buffet cost $26.  That means you only pay $13.  That’s not bad for a fairly decent buffet.  I think it starts around 11am.  Visit the concierge and you can check out free bicycles.  It’s tough to ride a bike around the hotel.  Lots of hills.  If you cross over the bridge and turn right there is a golf driving range.  You get 70 balls for 500 yen and the gal will loan you a club or two for free.  Grab a map from the concierge and you can ride into town.  It’s a nice ride when the weather cooperates.

I used to visit the hotel across the right next to the Hilton and partake in the crew breakfast there.  It’s straight through the lobby on the left, turn right and go down one floor.  It’s marked Crew Members.  Tell them you are FedEx and they should allow you to spend your money.  They have some American stuff.  It’s moderately priced but definitely cheaper than the breakfast buffet at the Hilton.  Enjoy your stay.

Breakfast is 2450 yen, $23.62, at FEDEX discount.