Double Muskie Inn

The original Double Musky was built in l962 and functioned as an after ski bar for many years. Customers cooked their own steaks over a fire in the front dining room (the only dining room at the time) and ate their food on picnic tables. On occasion, a polka band would play, tables would be moved and dancing would begin. The Musky was not very successful initially and passed through many hands. Bob and Deanna Persons bought the Double Musky in May of 1979 and the great adventure began. Following several years of struggling without employees, Deanna and Bob managed to find the key to making the Musky work. Numerous additions followed thereafter and the restaurant went on to be described by Esquire Magazine as the “last great American roadhouse.” It has also been reviewed favorably on two occasions by Bon Appetit and yearly by Fodors Travel Guide. Additional favorable reviews have been made by Honolulu Magazine, the Chicago Tribune, San Francisco Chronicle, New Orleans Times Picyune, New York Times and Anchorage Daily News plus a variety of other newspapers and magazines published around the U.S. We were even featured on CNN World-Wide in 1986. Most recently, we were featured nationwide on Food Network’s “Best Of” series with Jill Cordes in November and December of 2000. Also the Food Networks “Best Of” program not only had a page for us in their book, they named us one of their ten favorite restaurants in America. We were just selected as Alaskans’ favorite restaurant by two to one over the nearest vote getter in the Anchorage Daily News.