Anchorage Hilton

500 W. Third Anchorage, AK 99501 (907) 272-7411

The hotel will ask for credit cards beginning 1/1/2008. This is completely optional. If the pilot does not want to use a credit card for incidentals, then this option can be declined. However, then the pilot will be on a cash basis for their stay.
Discount: 20% F&B
Complimentary: • Health facility • Newspaper (available in lobby only) • Local calls and LDA 50% surcharge on long distance charges $50 check cashing
NOTE: All pilots are encouraged to not use the hotel as a primary mailing address. The hotel is receiving too much pilot mail. The process of sorting and trying to maintain accountability is time consuming. Ground Transportation Airline Support Inc (907) 272-2211 Alert call
Note: G/T to Dom/Intl terminal; call 272-2211; expect 20 min wait.