SEG Plaza Electronics Market

Take the metro to Huaquiang Road. Walk out the exit that says SEG plaza. Go straight to the first corner and turn left. Cross the street as soon as you can; there is a lot of construction at the moment. After crossing the street, continue down on the right side and you’ll see electronics shops. Walk about 100 yards and there is a row of shops with an elevated sidewalk out front. The key is to look for the cell phones on the bottom floor and an escalator inside going up. There you’ll find about 6 floors of everything from cell phone accessories, flashlights, gadgets, iPad accessories, helicopters and more. Unlike Louhu, no one will heckle you here. The prices are generally lower since this is where the locals shop.

Caution, it closes early around 6 or 7 p.m. You’ll see a big building that says SegBuy; this is not the building. “In fact, I don’t think this place even says SEG Plaza anywhere on it. But, for some reason, that’s what the locals call it.”