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STN 51.885953, 0.236180


Airport Name: Stansted

Airport Location
City: Cambridge
Country: United Kingdom
Timezone: 0:00


Just stayed at the Menzies Hotel.  Amenities include Free Breakfast, 20% discount in the lounge, Free Golf, Free Golf clubs with balls and tees.  I played golf 2 times.  Great course. It was a bit tough with the wind in the face.  There are a couple of inconvenient creeks that cross right around where your short drive may land. Otherwise decent course.  No transportation to and from town.  You can purchase a day pass on the bus to go into Cambridge.  We went to Duxford Air Museum.  We had 7 guys and rented a van suggested by the hotel.  It cost us around 6 pounds each.  That included tip.  That was only one way.

The museum cost 17.50 pounds.  I thought the transportation was a bit on the high side.  You can travel cheaper by going into Cambridge and catching the bus to the museum.  It takes longer. The rooms are average.  It was disappointing that they did not include a safe or a refrigerator.  The staff is really nice.  The TV has around 16 channels.  Not much to watch in my opinion.  The gym is ok.  Lots of nautilus equipment stuffed in a small space.  Three treadmills that were in poor shape.  There’s a pool and tennis courts. All are complimentary to use.  This hotel is in the middle of nowhere.  The lounge food is not bad.

But, the best deal is at The Fox Lounge Bar about a 7 min walk.  They have pretty good beverages and meals that only cost 5 pounds.  They are 2 for 10 pound specials.  There is a large variety of dishes.  Since we had only 5 guys we made the 6th dish an appetizer.  Total 30 pounds for the group.  Not bad.  The free breakfast at the hotel is marginal.  Don’t plan on getting your fill during breakfast.  Make sure you eat at least a decent dinner or lunch.  Well, that’s all I can say.  I liked the golf but it’s not worth staying outside the city center.