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KIX 34.443887, 135.252056


Airport Name: Kansai Intl

Airport Location
City: Osaka
Country: Japan
Timezone: +9



Hub Pub

Hub Pub

There are two nearby. When you walk out of the hotel facing the theater, if you turn right and go past the Starbucks on the corner and down the walkway, you will come to a four way walkway with a large building on the Northeast corner. Enter that building and follow the signs to the third floor. Pub food and beer.

For the second one, instead of going down the walkway for Starbucks, turn left and head north. A few alleyways up, on your left side near McDonald’s you will see a sign for another Hub Pub. This one is downstairs.

Click here to view a map for better direction.

Okonomi.yaki & Teppan.yaki

On the first floor of the building with the upstairs Hub Pub, there is an Okonomiyaki restaurant. Okonomiyaki is a Japanese style potato pancake. Some people compare it to an omelet because of the way you order what you want in it. They will put dried Bonito on top so let them know if you don’t want it. They have an English menu and the beer is cold and relatively inexpensive. Sit at the bar and watch the chef. It does take about 30 minutes to get your food, but it is worth it if you haven’t tried it. They also have Teppanyaki.



5-1 -60 Nanba, Chuo Ward, Osaka,  Osaka Prefecture 542-0076

~45 minute ride depending on traffic. Hotel sits above Nanba station and above the Subway if you have a longer layover and want to get out.

They seem to have installed wireless internet in the rooms.

When checking in, ask for western style room. These rooms are larger than the Japanese style rooms. They might not be able to accommodate the request, but it’s worth asking.

Beer Belly

If you like Craft Beer there is a place called Beer Belly that carries beer from the local Minoh Brewery and a few other guest beers. There are nine taps total, three of which are cask ales. The beers are superb and the menu is excellent, recommend the Chicken with Hop Salt. The menus are in English. Hours of operation are M-Sat 1700-0000, closed Sunday. You will usually find a good mix of ex-pats and locals. The proprietor’s name is Yasu (pronounced Yas).


Beer Belly is located a couple train stops north of the Swisshotel and Namba station. If you search Google Maps, Beer Belly Osaka will show where it is. From the north side of the Namba station, take the stairs below street level heading north. Follow the signs for the Yotsubashi subway line (Blue). The signs will take you initially north and then a left turn, west through an underground shopping area. Total walk underground is approximately ¼ mile. Purchase a subway ticket for 200 yen and take the subway north three stops to Higobashi. Exit the station via the #3 exit. At the top of the stairs turn right to get to the back side of the building with the coffee shop and then left down the street behind the back of the APA hotel. Beer Belly is located on the right prior to the second intersection (two to three minute walk). The sign outside is a large mug of beer with some wooden barrels out front. The final train back to the Swisshotel is at midnight.

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Click here for an ENGLISH translation of the website.


2-5-9 Namba-naka, Osaka Kensai Japan

If you have a hunger for an inexpensive döner kebab, shawarma, or gyro this family run restaurant has your fix no matter what you call it. From the Swissôtel make a left at the McDonald’s intersection, in two blocks make a right and the restaurant is just less than two blocks down on your right after a parking lot. Open 10:00 – 23:00 everyday. It’s a six minute walk from the hotel.,135.504934,3a,75y,226.68h,87.08t/data=!3m4!1e1!3m2!1sJne9YiGkC_I4y-RPIeUDYw!2e0

The Toast Lady – Cafe Y

As advertised… Big American breakfast with Texas Toast. Most direct directions are listed below. Exiting station is difficult. Best I can offer is below. On map, exit is NNW corner of station.

Midosuji (red) Line-Namba Station (M20) to Umeda Station (M16). Four stops. Currently 240 yen, each way.

Ascend to street level and, within the mall, find the Umeda Train Station.
While facing the steps up to the train station, a sign for McDonalds should be on your left.
Turn right to put McDonalds behind you and exit to the street.
Immediately to your right and parallel should be an elevated train track. Looking over the track and across the street, you should see TOHO Movie Theatre and a ferris wheel.
(You will follow the track virtually all the way to Cafe Y.)
Keeping the track on your right, follow it, crossing the first road.
Then come to next major road. To your right should be the corner of the EST Building. Cross and continue, keeping the track on your right.

Position check-

Shortly after you enter this side street, you should see Chelsea Market under the track. Continue.

First street crossing-

Forming the corner under the track, you should find a small brownstone mexican cantina. Continue.

Second street crossing-

On your left should be a red walled restaurant named “Mine”. Continue.
The street should fork. Keeping to the track, you should shortly come to a major road. Cross and turn right, to face the track.
Looking under and beyond the track, you should see a Suzuki garage. Cafe Y is just next door (to the garage).


Current price is 800 yen (roughly $8). Dress coolly. It is small and, with the cooking, it is hot.

Sumo Wrestling

Check out Sumo Wrestling every year in March the top Sumo wrestlers in the world compete in Osaka. The location is down the street from the McDonalds near the Swiss O’ Tel. Recommend showing up around 9 am the day you want to attend and purchase general seating ticket for 2000yen or $20 us. This ticket grants you access up to 2 times a day. I recommend you go in the early afternoon around noon and then go eat lunch and come back at 3:15pm to catch the Makuuchi or the big boys compete. There is an opening ceremony you don’t want to miss. The tournament will end promptly at 6pm. The last to fight will be the Yokozuna’s. The tournament is always in March and last for 15 days. Google search Sumo Wrestling and you can find the schedule. Have fun!

Abeno Harukas

The tallest building in Japan at 984ft (300m). Completed in March of 2014 it contains an upscale mall in the lower levels and an observation area at the top (1500 Yen). Get there by mid to late morning on weekdays if possible to avoid lines for the observation level. The MIO Mall and Abeno Q’s Mall are clustered together with the skyscraper at a main intersection with an elevated crosswalk. Numerous restaurants are in the malls’ upper levels and at street level.

Directions: From the Namba subway station below the Swisshotel, go south on the Midosuji Line for 3 stops, getting off at the M23 subway station – 240 Yen one way ( Swisshotel is at the M20 station ). If your room faces southeast, the Abeno Harukas is the tallest building straight out from your window about a mile away.

Kazuha Public Golf Course

If you like golf. I found a nice public course with an outdoor driving range. The price is the cheapest you’ll find in Osaka. (6,400 yen for 18 holes and it includes lunch) Normally, you play 9 holes, eat lunch then finish the back 9 then go to the spa followed by happy hour. Club rentals cost 100 yen per club or 2100 yen for a full set. The driving range cost 510 yen per 50 balls. Take the Midosuji red line from Namba station 3 stops north to Yodobashi. Buy another ticket and catch the Keihan Limited Express from Yodobashi to Kuzuha stop. The course is a 2 min walk through the train station. First ticket costs 180yen and the second ticket costs 350 yen. Here’s the website link:

Recommend downloading “Translate” for Safari to translate foreign websites to english. You can get it by selected going to this apple link:

Coin Laundry – Marriott Shin Osaka

If you need to do some laundry in Osaka, but don’t want to pay an arm and a leg for the hotel to do it for you, there is a coin laundromat about 15 minutes walk. The hotel concierge has a direction sheet with a map and photos, but its in Kanji, so I think I can improve on it a bit.

The laundromat has 3 washers and about 6 dryers. Each washer is a different size, and price. I used the small one for 12 kg load, and it was 600 yen. The dryers are 100 yen for each 9 minutes. 300 yen did the trick. There is an attendant, but I didn’t see a change machine, so I’d bring some yen coins from the hotel–the washer takes 500’s, and 100’s, but the dryer only takes 100’s.

To get there, go out the front door of the hotel lobby. Look straight ahead. You can’t see the road below, but the gap between the buildings is where the road is that you’re going to follow. You’ll need to take the elevated sidewalk across the busy road in front of you to get there. Turn right, and follow the sidewalk until in turns left over the road, and under the train tracks. Keep following it around to the left after you cross under the tracks, then take the stairs down to the sidewalk. Go straight for about 10ish minutes. After a couple of blocks you should see a Subway sandwich shop on the other side of the road–keep going, you’re on the right track. When you’re getting close you should see a tall sign on the other side of the road for Royal Host. As you get close to that intersection, you can see the big sign for the Aeon MaxValue grocery store. Go up to, but don’t cross the street that runs by the store. Turn right a the corner. Go about 50 yards or so until you are just about abeam the end of the MaxValue across the street on your left. Look for the parking sign with a winking turtle on it–kinda looks a bit like Yoda. Turn right at the corner, and the shop should be on your right.